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Hi, I'm Dr Faizal Anwar. Welcome to my profile!

Dr Faizal Anwar's Bio:

Dr Faizal Anwar is an established Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr Faizal Anwar has been doing cosmetic procedures like Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, eye lifts, face lifts, Silhouette Thread Lifts, LipoSculpture, tummy tucks, botox injections, fillers injections and laser resurfacing for more than 12 years. Dr Faizal Anwar has been invited as a lecturer & to train new doctors around the world by many instituitions. He has been a keynote speaker in many cosmetic conferences such as in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand & Spain. He is regularly invited by Malaysian tv stations such at TV3 on their programmes like Nona and Wanita Hari Ini to talk about latest cosmetic procedures & techniques. He also did live demo's on the shows. The stations have uploaded many of these videos on youtube under these topics : rawatan menegangkan wajah, laser lipo, rawatan bibir, rawatan baikpulih kulit wajah, rawatan buang lemak di wajah, rawatan hilang tanda regangan (these are in Malay language). He has also been interviewed by many malaysian magazines on latest cosmetic procedures & trends. Dr Faizal Anwar's main objective is to try his best to give patients the satistacfion they are looking for from the procedure they chose.    

Dr Faizal Anwar's Experience:

  • Cosmetic Surgeon at Dermamed

    Carrying out procedures like Breast Augmentation, LipoSculpture, Rhinoplasty, etc

Dr Faizal Anwar's Education:

  • UPM

    BSc.Med, M.D
    Concentration: Internal Medicine & Surgery
    Activities: Debate Team, Medical Student Society Member, Football & Tennis

Dr Faizal Anwar's Interests & Activities:

Latest Cosmetic SurgeryTechniques, Manchaster United Football Club and the outdoors

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